How to find out the cause of your BSOD

Once done, restart your PC if it does not automatically. You will now have repaired Windows 11 by restoring it to a previously known working state. Check to see if your printer is an Unspecified device and update the drivers if it is. Once your PC is restored to its original version, check if wsclient.dll missing problem is resolved.

Before you use any program, make sure you have downloaded your ISO file from Microsoft’s site. Click the Restart button on the Startup Settings screen, and when your system reboots to the Startup Options page, hit the number beside Safe Mode or Safe Mode with Networking . Go to Event Level in the Create Custom View dialog window and check the boxes for Critical, Warning, and Error. Next, choose the date and time range the BSOD occurred once the Custom Range dialog shows up. Click on the magnifying glass in the taskbar to open the search box.

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This occurs in tablet mode and desktop mode and rebooting will temporarily restore functionality. I don’t think there is a hardware issue because it is functional for a limited time in windows and has exhibited no abnormal behavior in linux. I’ve calibrated several times with no improvement. The only driver acer provides is a win 8 driver and I’ve been unable to try that as yet.

  • If used without parameters,chkdskdisplays only the status of the volume and does not fix any errors.
  • This created conflicts and my PC shows me a blue screen error which I was able to download LG Drivers fix by uninstalling one of them.
  • Note that the steps to do this on Windows 10 installation media is different from Windows 7.
  • Click Run as Administrator in the list of options under the app.

After that, the screen goes black and nothing happens. Even left the computer “loading” this screen overnight and still nothing happened. Summarizing, I can’t boot Windows and I can’t boot Windows recovery tools. When the blue screen of death is shown, jot down the STOP error code and the filename of the driver or module that causes the problem. Then, go to Microsoft website and search for the error code and see if you can find a fix with a patch or an update.

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I think this is caused by the action of BOOTSECT.EXE … Is there any possibility to undo the changes bootsect.exe has made? I will also write a more detailed description if needed. I had ‘disk read error’ with Transdcend 8Gb card. I switched to aData 8Gb card and everything worked fine. Can’t get it to work, I can boot Linux distributions fine with this BIOS settings and I followed all steps.

What causes the blue screen of death?

Enhanced the stability of the Bluetooth pairing.Fixed the crashing issue of the controller when charging.It will disconnect from bluetooth connection when using USB connection. Enhanced vibration optimization on Xinput mode.Added USB connection to Mac mode.Fixed the bug that the controller would not turn on occasionally. Improved the stability of the controller connection. Fixed the problem that the ZL and ZR buttons of the WiiU Pro controller have no work on Xinput mode . Added manual switching function for Switch mode. Press and hold the hot keys L (LB/L1) + SELECT (View / Share / -) for about 3 seconds.

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